Root Canals Save Teeth

A patient having their root canal x-ray explained.

You may not know exactly how root canals can save you teeth, but in this article we’ll explain in detail! When it comes to preserving your natural teeth, prevention is always better than treatment. However, when the nerve of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, it starts to produce pain in that specific area. This pain often radiates, sometimes contributing to headaches and overall uneasiness. When a pain like this is present, the first thing recommended is to see a dental provider.

A root canal is a procedure to remove the inflamed and infected nerve from the inside of a tooth. After the nerve is removed, the inside of the tooth is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. Not wanting to leave your tooth hollow, the dentist then fills up the tooth and seals it with a special rubbery material. Think of a led pencil, when you have a broken led you replace it with a new one. The installation of a crown allows the patient to safely chew and bite on the tooth without further complications. This completes the process. Most patients find this procedure a bit intimidating, so to ease the patient’s nerves, the entire procedure is performed with anesthesia. One of the most beneficial parts of this procedure is that it requires no additional down time. This specific treatment is the method dentists prefer when trying to avoid unnecessary tooth extractions. With the help of modern technologies and anesthesia, root canals have become a majority pain-free and a very common procedure.


Contrary to popular beliefs, most patients are unaware of the importance of saving their natural teeth. The idea of simply removing the infected tooth seems less frustrating, however, additional procedures are often needed. This makes root canals the more financially savvy option. There often comes a time when it is recommended for a patient to consider extracting a tooth. However, with root canal treatment, patients can preserve their natural teeth for as long as possible. Teeth preservation is not the only benefit of a root canal, cleaning out the infected nerve also alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. Antibiotics are also  commonly prescribed to reduce risk of infection following root canal.

The main reason root canals are the procedure of choice when trying to treat an infection is that tooth loss often requires that a patient undergoes additional restorative procedures with the help of implants or bridges. The absence of an extracted tooth may make it harder for a person to chew or speak clearly if neglected. A simple consultation with one of our dentists provides us an opportunity to better assess the situation. However, the goal will always be to preserve your natural teeth if possible before resorting to tooth extraction and other prosthetic options.


Several major health issues in the body originate from dental issues. Do not delay getting a root canal treatment for an infected tooth. If you have an infected nerve, the quickest, most convenient, and mostly pain free option, that allows you to fix the problem permanently is to get a root canal. Before you decide against going through with a root canal treatment, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists for a more comprehensive recommendation. Getting a root canal as soon as possible is the most hassle-free way to alleviate your pain and save your natural tooth. Thankfully, we have specialists ready and able to assist you with that.

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